Archive: 07/28/2008

Next-gen broadband at your service

Faster, smarter broadband networks are on the way, thanks to European research. The next step will be to usher in compelling services for European consumers. Already companies are eager to get their hands on the technologies ...

Jul 28, 2008
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Toward designer bourbon whiskeys with custom-tailored aromas

In the latest chapter in a 40-year scientific quest to unravel the flavor and aroma secrets of the world's whiskeys, scientists in Germany are reporting discovery of key substances responsible for the distinctive ...

Jul 28, 2008
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Birdsong not just for the birds

Switch on the mike, start the recording, the stage is set for the local fauna! Computer scientists from the University of Bonn, in conjunction with the birdsong archives of Berlin's Humboldt University, have developed a ...

Jul 28, 2008
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A bee's future as queen or worker may rest with parasitic fly

( -- Strange things are happening in the lowland tropical forests of Panama and Costa Rica. A tiny parasitic fly is affecting the social behavior of a nocturnal bee, helping to determine which individuals become ...

Jul 28, 2008
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Alleviating the fear of falling

Getting old isn't just about body aches and pains. As we get older, our risk of falling greatly increases. Old bones don't heal like young ones, and for senior citizens, falls are a leading cause of death.

Jul 28, 2008
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The kids most likely to go armed

A new analysis of a 2005 survey of American schoolchildren has identified factors that may be used to help improve school safety. The research, published in BioMed Central's open access journal Annals of General Psychiatry, gives ...

Jul 28, 2008
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