Archive: 06/28/2007

Researchers identify alcoholism subtypes

Analyses of a national sample of individuals with alcohol dependence (alcoholism) reveal five distinct subtypes of the disease, according to a new study by scientists at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism ...

Jun 28, 2007
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Therapeutic value of meditation unproven, says study

“There is an enormous amount of interest in using meditation as a form of therapy to cope with a variety of modern-day health problems, especially hypertension, stress and chronic pain, but the majority of evidence that ...

Jun 28, 2007
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Turn off TV to teach toddlers new words

Toddlers learn their first words better from people than from Teletubbies, according to new research at Wake Forest University. The study was published in the June 21 issue of Media Psychology.

Jun 28, 2007
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Finding microscopic motors in the gut

Digestion has a previously unsuspected mechanical dimension: Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that the tiny, hair-like protrusions that line the gut are filled with millions of molecular motors that produce streams ...

Jun 28, 2007
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The Architecture of Globalization

Using recent advances in the study of networks, two University of Arkansas economists suggest alternative measures of international economic integration, popularly referred to as globalization. Rather than focusing on trade ...

Jun 28, 2007
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Researchers find ‘missing link’ stem cells

A team of scientists at Oxford University has discovered a new type of embryonic stem cell in mice and rats that is the closest counterpart yet to human embryonic stem cells.

Jun 28, 2007
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