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Aussie astronomers prepare for smash hit

Astronomers at Australia's national radio and optical observatories will watch as a probe released from a spacecraft slams into a comet about 133 million km away at a speed of nearly 37,000 km/h (10.2 km per second). The cos ...

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Proxy Aviation Systems Unveils SkyWatcher

Proxy Aviation Systems recently unveiled SkyWatcher, a long endurance, low and medium altitude, multi-payload unmanned aircraft system at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International's (AUVSI) demonstration ...

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Study: Dieters may die younger

A study says dieters may die younger than those who stay fat. The authors warn that more research needs to be done but say the report shows how poorly the long-term effects of dieting are understood, the Guardian reported Mon ...

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Rare beetle sightings sought in Britain

Britons are being asked to keep their eyes open for the noble chafer, a rare beetle that emerges from old fruit trees in the summer. With orchards being replaced by more productive crops, conservationists aren't sure how ...

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