Archive: 28/05/2008

Acute artificial compound eyes

Insects are a source of inspiration for technological development work. For example, researchers around the world are working on ultra-thin imaging systems based on the insect eye. The principle of hyperacuity has now been ...

dateMay 28, 2008 in Engineering
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A way to hear the electric car coming down the road

"Close your eyes," engineering graduate student Bryan Bai called out from his Prius at the far end of the Tresidder parking lot, before the car began moving forward. A Toyota Prius runs silently on electric power until its ...

dateMay 28, 2008 in Other
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Messaging without barriers

Millions of people exchange electronic messages every day, but users of different systems often can’t reach each other. New European research promises to put them all in touch.

dateMay 28, 2008 in Telecom
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