Archive: 03/28/2006

Cerium oxide nanotubes get noticed

Chemists and materials scientists often study "nanotubes" -- capsule-shaped molecules only a few billionths of a meter in width. In nanotube form, many materials take on useful, unique properties, such as physical ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Mega eruption of Yellowstone's southern twin

North America isn't the only continent that's experienced super-colossal volcanic eruptions in the recent geologic past. The massive explosion of the almost unknown Vilama Caldera in Argentina appears to have ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Further Secrets of the Snail Love Dart

How do you make love to a snail? Slowly, violently and with a mucus-coated love dart. McGill University Biology Professor Ronald Chase knew that ‘love darts’ – sharp, slimy projectiles fired at prospective ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Nanonutrients' Promise: Vast Gains In Human Health

The emerging discipline of nanotechnology holds the promise of improving functional foods and the capability of delivering healthful food compounds to the body where it can utilize them best. This is according ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Electric Snowmobile: Sled-Necks, Tree-Huggers Unite

Eleven Utah State University engineering students designed and built an electric snowmobile that runs so clean the National Science Foundation will use it this summer to conduct research in Greenland’s polar ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Egg-like cells obtained in pig fetal skin

Canadian scientists at the University of Guelph say they've found stem cells isolated from the skin of pig fetuses can produce egg-like cells.

Mar 28, 2006
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Australia: Japan's whaling program a sham

Australian officials say a 10-year project examining whales off Australia's Antarctic territory prove Japan's whaling program has no scientific basis.

Mar 28, 2006
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Rebound Marriages No More Likely to End in Divorce

Many self-help books and well-meaning friends and relatives offer this advice to newly divorced friends: Don't marry on the rebound. Don't rush into or commit to a serious relationship prematurely. Wait until you are good an ...

Mar 28, 2006
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Carbon nanotube absorption measured in worms, cancer cells

University of Michigan researchers have discovered how to measure the absorption of multi-walled carbon nanoparticles into worms and cancer cells, a breakthrough that will revolutionize scientists' understanding of how the ...

Mar 28, 2006
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The phony goat gets the worm

IBM researchers have designed a new way to detect and thwart attacks on computer networks. Code named "Billy Goat," the intrusion detection tool provides both early detection of worm attacks and fewer false alarms than other ...

Mar 28, 2006
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