Archive: 28/01/2010

Study Fumes Over City Park Grass

Plants are usually our allies when it comes to reducing the atmosphere's greenhouse gases, converting carbon dioxide into food and storing the gas' carbon in the soil below.

dateJan 28, 2010 in Environment
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The art of controlling a robot

Robots are used in many different areas, for instance in factories, in space and in health care. To plan and control the motions of a robot is a challenging task, which Uwe Mettin from Umeľ University, Sweden, has analyzed ...

dateJan 28, 2010 in Engineering
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Are new genes always better?

Re-vegetation seems like a beneficial strategy for conserving and restoring damaged ecosystems, and using a variety of species can help increase biodiversity in these systems. But what are the risks involved with introducing ...

dateJan 28, 2010 in Plants & Animals
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