Archive: 12/27/2007

Jets Are a Real Drag

Astronomers have found the best evidence yet of matter spiraling outward from a young, still-forming star in fountain-like jets. Due to the spiral motion, the jets help the star to grow by drawing angular ...

Dec 27, 2007
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Human factors researchers test voting systems for seniors

Human factors researchers at Florida State University have identified ways to improve electronic voting accuracy among older voters while also shortening waiting time at the polls. The results of their study were published ...

Dec 27, 2007
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Adult male chimpanzees don't stray far from the home

When it comes to choosing a place to live, male chimpanzees in the wild don’t stray far from home, according to a new report in the Dec. 27th Current Biology, a publication of Cell Press. The researchers found that adult ...

Dec 27, 2007
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Study maps life in extreme environments

A team of biologists have developed a model mapping the control circuit governing a whole free living organism. This is an important milestone for the new field of systems biology and will allow the researchers to model how ...

Dec 27, 2007
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Copy number variation may stem from replication misstep

Genome rearrangements, resulting in variations in the numbers of copies of genes, occur when the cellular process that copies DNA during cell division stalls and then switches to a different genetic “template,” said researchers ...

Dec 27, 2007
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Nanodisk Codes

Researchers at Northwestern University have devised a way to use billionth-of-a-meter-sized disks to create codes that could be used to encrypt information, serve as biological labels, and even tag and track ...

Dec 27, 2007 feature
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Philippines work to save giant clams

A new effort is under way in the Philippines to stem the declining population of the world's largest clams, called taklobos.

Dec 27, 2007
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