Archive: 11/27/2008

Master gene plays key role in blood sugar levels

When mice that lack steroid receptor-2 (SRC-2) – a master regulator gene called a coactivator – fast for a day, their blood sugar levels plummet. If they go another day without food, they will die.

Nov 27, 2008
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Keeping chromosomes from cuddling up

If chromosomes snuggle up too closely at the wrong times, the results can be genetic disaster. Now researchers have found the molecular machines in fruit flies that yank chromosomes, the DNA-carrying structures, ...

Nov 27, 2008
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Speed matters for ice-shelf breaking

It won't help the Titanic, but a newly derived, simple law may help scientists improve their climate models and glaciologists predict where icebergs will calve off from their parent ice sheets, according to a team of Penn ...

Nov 27, 2008
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Mother of Pearl Secret Revealed

( -- In addition to its iridescent beauty, mother of pearl, or nacre, the inner lining of the shells of abalone, mussels and certain other mollusks, is also renowned for an amazing strength and ...

Nov 27, 2008
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