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Quark study breaks old puzzle in particle physics

University of Chicago scientists have solved a 20-year-old puzzle in particle physics using data from an experiment conducted for an entirely different purpose. Physicists had long known that something was amiss regarding ...

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NASA: Space Shuttle Fixed

NASA experts announced Thursday they had corrected flaws that caused the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia in February 2003. Redesigned space shuttle fuel tanks will no longer shed potentially dangerous insulating foam during launch. ...

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IBM to Open New Supercomputing Center

In response to the petroleum industry's increasing need for supercomputing power in oil exploration and production, IBM today announced its plans to open the third IBM Deep Computing Capacity on Demand (DCCOD) c ...

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Tri-Mode Wi-Fi Module from Intel

Intel has added new wireless capabilities to its Centrino mobile technology for laptops. Intel Corporation today announced the addition of key wireless capabilities for notebooks based on Intel® Centrino ...

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