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ISS Crew Checks Out Spacesuits

Flight Engineers Jeff Williams and Thomas Reiter have conducted a system check of their spacesuits and checked out tools to be used during the Aug. 3 spacewalk. One of their key tasks was familiarization by Williams and Reiter ...

Jul 27, 2006
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Russian Rocket Fails Shortly After Launch

A Russian Dnepr rocket failed 86 seconds after liftoff Wednesday, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported. The rocket, a former Soviet RS-20 intercontinental ballistic missile, carried 17 micro-satellites - as well as the first ...

Jul 27, 2006
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New Long-Range Bomber On Horizon For 2018

A new bomber scheduled for operation as early as 2018 will enhance America's long-range strike capabilities, according to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley in a recent Armed Services Committee speech.

Jul 27, 2006
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Tiny Chip Demonstrates Big Memory in Cosmos

A chemical alloy, used in everyday electronic items such as rewritable CDs and DVDs, serves as the source of a new computer chip which researchers hope will demonstrate non-volatile memory, or information storage retention ...

Jul 27, 2006
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'Superbug' found in Scottish neonatal unit

Four premature infants at one of Scotland's leading neonatal units carried a drug-resistant type of bacteria known as MRSA, health officials said.

Jul 27, 2006
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Women ignore breast cancer on dad's side

A U.S. study finds that when women tell doctors about their family breast cancer history they are less likely to report cancer in their father's families.

Jul 27, 2006
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San Francisco to insure uninsured

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously in favor of a plan to provide universal health insurance for San Franciscans.

Jul 27, 2006
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