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Twist and Shoot: Nokia N90

Twist and shoot. It's a pro-photo taker. A personal video-maker. Complete with Carl Zeiss Optics for crisp, bright images you can view, edit, print and share. Meet the Nokia N90. Nokia today presented the Nok ...

Apr 27, 2005
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Physicists to create more stable gyroscope for Navy

Gyroscope to be 1,000 times more accurate than existing instruments Tucked away in a small, cluttered laboratory on Patuxent River Naval Air Station, two physicists spend their days trapping atoms – millions and millions ...

Apr 27, 2005
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'Dead zone' area in Gulf could be increasing, researchers say

The "dead zone" area of the Gulf of Mexico – a region that annually suffers from low oxygen which can result in huge marine life losses – has appeared much earlier this year, meaning it could be potentially larger in ...

Apr 27, 2005
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Scientists create high-speed integrated nanowire circuits

Low-temperature fabrication and high-quality results could reduce electronics' reliance on silicon Chemists and engineers at Harvard University have made robust circuits from minuscule nanowires that align themselves on a ...

Apr 27, 2005
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