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Networking: Fingerprints of terrorists

A Muslim terrorist places a bomb inside a mosque in Iraq. The bomb detonates, obliterating most of the building. But American military personnel, sifting through the debris, just moments later, find a doorknob with the scoundrel's ...

Feb 27, 2006
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Supercomputer Study of Water

Familiar as it is, there's a lot we don't know about water -- such as the structure taken up by liquid water molecules. With a grant of time on one of the fastest computers in the U.S., researchers at UC Davis, ...

Feb 27, 2006
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New Kind of Cosmic Explosion Detected

Scientists using NASA's Swift satellite have detected a new kind of cosmic explosion. The event appears to be a precursor to a supernova, which is expected to reach peak brightness in about a week's time. UK ...

Feb 27, 2006
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Hudson River shipwrecks contaminated

Several shipwrecks found at the bottom of the upper Hudson River in New York are contaminated with PCBs and may not be able to be recovered.

Feb 27, 2006
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Caveman blondes also had more fun

Researchers say the tradition of blondes having more fun goes back to the end of the Ice Age.A report from the University of St. Andrews, published this week in Evolution and Human Behavior, says north European women evolved ...

Feb 27, 2006
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