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Hydrogen storage can be improved

The storage of hydrogen in fuel cell powered cars can probably be greatly improved by increasing the working temperature of the fuel cell. With the use of magnesium powder, the storage of hydrogen can take place more efficiently ...

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Red Planet Reconnaissance

Every 26 months, the Solar System's planetary dance brings Mars and Earth closer than usual, providing an ideal chance to launch a mission to the Red Planet. In 2001, NASA's Mars Odyssey launched to study its ...

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Scientists Uncover Inner Workings of Rare Eye Cells

Three years ago, Brown University researchers discovered new eye cells – indeed a parallel visual system. Now, in a report in Nature, they explain how these exotic cells harness light energy to do their chief job: setting ...

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BridgeCo Debuts Two New Media Processors

More Audio Channels and More Interface Options for Audio Interface System Designers BridgeCo, a leading provider of digital entertainment networking solutions, announced two new media processors at the NAMM show. The DM ...

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Discovery explains how the venus flytrap snaps

A team of applied mathematicians, physicists, and biologists has discovered how the Venus flytrap snaps up its prey in a mere tenth of a second by actively shifting the curved shape of its mouth-like leaves. ...

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Brain 'avalanches' may help store memories

Meeting a friend you haven't seen in years brings on a sudden surge of pleasant memories. You might even call it an avalanche. Recent studies suggest that avalanches in your brain could actually help you to ...

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