Archive: 12/26/2006

Stem cells as cancer therapy

It is widely hoped that neural stem cells will eventually be useful for replacing nerves damaged by degenerative diseases like Alzheimer disease and multiple sclerosis. But there may also be another use for such stem cells--delivering ...

Dec 26, 2006
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Complexity constrains evolution of human brain genes

Despite the explosive growth in size and complexity of the human brain, the pace of evolutionary change among the thousands of genes expressed in brain tissue has actually slowed since the split, millions of ...

Dec 26, 2006
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Oregon coast whales draw crowds

Visitors from across the United States have flocked to Oregon to watch the annual migration of more than 18,000 grey whales heading toward Mexican waters.

Dec 26, 2006
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Bald Eagles no longer endangered

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington announced the bald eagle will be officially taken off the endangered species list in February.

Dec 26, 2006
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