Archive: 11/26/2008

Scientists offer insight into adaptive ability of cells

The Stowers Institute's Rong Li Lab has published findings that shed light on the ability of cells to adapt to disruptions to their basic division machineries – findings that may help explain how cancer cells elude the ...

Nov 26, 2008
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Study of oldest turtle fossil

With hard bony shells to shelter and protect them, turtles are unique and have long posed a mystery to scientists who wonder how such an elegant body structure came to be.

Nov 26, 2008
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Land iguanas under continuing threat on Galapagos archipelago

The Galápagos Islands, which provided impetus and inspiration for Charles Darwin's seminal work, "On the Origin of Species", are home to unique populations of reptiles. Since the time of man's first visit in the 16th century ...

Nov 26, 2008
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New research sheds light on fly sleep circuit

In a novel study appearing this week in Neuron, Brandeis researchers identify for the first time a specific set of wake-promoting neurons in fruit flies that are analogous to cells in the much more complex sleep circuit in hum ...

Nov 26, 2008
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Nitric oxide can alter brain function

Research from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit at the University of Leicester shows that nitric oxide (NO) can change the computational ability of the brain. This finding has implications for the treatment ...

Nov 26, 2008
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Route to obesity passes through tongue

Obesity gradually numbs the taste sensation of rats to sweet foods and drives them to consume larger and ever-sweeter meals, according to neuroscientists. Findings from the Penn State study could uncover a critical link between ...

Nov 26, 2008
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Researchers enlist a new recruit in battle of the bulge

In the battle against obesity, Yale University researchers may have discovered a new weapon — a naturally occurring molecule secreted by the gut that makes rats and mice less hungry after fatty meals. The findings are published ...

Nov 26, 2008
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How the brain senses fatty food

As you gorge on food this holiday season, you might not want to think about the fat content of all the goodies you've indulged in. Nevertheless, your brain will be keeping tabs directly, suggests a report in the November ...

Nov 26, 2008
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