Archive: 09/26/2005

SMART-1 set for more lunar science

ESA’s SMART-1 mission in orbit around the Moon has had its scientific lifetime extended by ingenious use of its solar-electric propulsion system (or ‘ion engine’).

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Illegal-drug sales boom from Internet

The Internet's speed, efficiency and convenience has drastically changed the way people work and play over the past decade, but it also has changed the way the underground world works -- or so the Japanese authorities are ...

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Networking: Virus writing for profit

Unscrupulous e-mail marketers are collaborating with criminal virus writers to combine selling questionable goods and services online with attempting to steal information from consumers, experts told United Press International's ...

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Analysis: China's futile Web clampdown

An axiom of Communist China's founder Mao Zedong goes, "a single spark can start a prairie fire." Today, the country's leaders fear this is only an Internet click away.

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Technology To Tell Tales Of The Dead

New technology in the field of post-mortem examinations will revolutionise the ways autopsies are conducted within our own lifetimes, a top British scientist has predicted.

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