Archive: 05/26/2005

Researcher sheds light on solar storms

New research from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) links a particular magnetic structure on the Sun with the genesis of powerful solar storms that can buffet Earth's atmosphere. The research ...

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UM Nanotech Center Gaining National Recognition

The University of Maryland today announced the opening of its new Maryland Center for Integrated Nano Science and Engineering (M-CINSE) in the recently completed Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building. Yet, even before its official ...

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Nokia announces patent support to the Linux Kernel

Nokia Corporation announced today that it allows all its patents to be used in the further development of the Linux Kernel. Nokia believes that open source software communities, like open standards, foster innovation and ...

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First 200 dpi Transparent OLED

Researchers at Universal Display and K yung Hee University achieve the highest resolution in a transparent OLED display to enable new potential uses for see-through flat-panel screens.

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