Archive: 03/26/2007

Genomics throws species definition in question for microbes

Until a decade ago, scientists categorized microorganisms almost exclusively by their physical characteristics: how they looked, what they ate, and the by-products they produced. With the advent of genomic sequencing and ...

Mar 26, 2007
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Gravity Measurements Help Melt Ice Mysteries

Greenland is cold and hot. It's a deep freezer storing 10 percent of Earth's ice and a subject of fevered debate. If something should melt all that ice, global sea level could rise as much as 7 meters (23 feet). ...

Mar 26, 2007
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Humans, flies smell alike, neurobiologists find

The nose knows – whether it’s on a fruit fly or a human. And while it would seem that how a fruit fly judges odors should differ from how a human smells, new research from Rockefeller University finds that at the neurobiological ...

Mar 26, 2007
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