Archive: 02/26/2006

Opportunity Rover Inspecting 'Bellemont'

Opportunity has completed its work on the "Olympia" outcrop. This week's activities included a Moessbauer spectrometer integration on target "Rough Rider," an alpha particle X-ray spectrometer integration on ...

Feb 26, 2006
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Spirit Studies Layered Rocks

Spirit will soon be on top of the rugged plateau known as "Home Plate," which features the most spectacular layering Spirit has yet encountered, and begin taking images of the surrounding terrain. Spirit had ...

Feb 26, 2006
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Hooked On Fishing And Were Heading For The Bottom

The world has passed "peak fish" and fishermen's nets will be hauling in ever diminishing loads unless there's political action to stem the global tide of over fishing, says a fisheries expert based at the University of British ...

Feb 26, 2006
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