Archive: 01/26/2006

Laboratory Develops Biofuel-Powered Heated Vest

Around the world, military members from Alaska to Afghanistan work in harsh, frigid environments. Temperatures in the Afghani Mountains have been recorded as low as minus 51 degrees Farenheit, while Elmendorf Air Force Base, ...

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Happy Anniversary Shuttle Crawlers

"NASA's workhorses" are celebrating their 40th anniversary. The twin crawler transporters, built at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Apollo program, are still making tracks today.

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Airmen Train On Latest Technology

A shadowy silhouette is seen through dust clouds, brush and trees. There's neither enough sun nor moonlight to distinguish the surroundings. The atmosphere is unfamiliar, uncomfortable, dangerous and unpredictable. You know ...

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Physicists Discover an Atomic Oddity

Working with an international team of scientists, a Florida State University physics professor has taken part in an experiment that resulted in the creation of a silver atom with exotic properties never before ...

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More home buyers go online

More Americans who search online for a new home are more likely to purchase a house through a real-estate agent than a non-Internet user, says a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors.

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