Archive: 01/26/2006

Nature encourages biodiversity, study

A study of seven tropical forests around the world has shown nature encourages biodiversity by favoring the growth of less common trees. Older, rarer trees get a survival boost.

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Sequencing Our Seas

Scientists have sequenced and compared the genomes of planktonic microbes living throughout the water column in the Pacific Ocean. The pioneering study yielded insight into the specialization of microbial communities ...

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Outside View: Internet as apple of discord

The lower house of the Russian parliament (State Duma) and human-rights activists have clashed in an irreconcilable battle over the social role of, the Russian segment of the World Wide Web.

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Yale group to study atmospheric 'tsunamis'

Yale researchers have recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to observe, describe and explain severe atmospheric turbulence over mountains, and the effect of "gravity waves" on the stratosphere.

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In Grids we trust

The importance of understanding the process by which a result was generated is fundamental to many real-life applications in science, engineering, medical domain, supply management, etc. Without such information, users cannot ...

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