Archive: 08/25/2010

Canada's lost salmon found

Sockeye salmon, which mysteriously vanished last year prompting a government inquiry, are expected to return to Canada's Fraser River this month in numbers not seen since 1913, officials said Wednesday.

dateAug 25, 2010 in Ecology
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Where are you? A rundown of Facebook's Places

(AP) -- Services based on your location, such as Foursquare, are popular in the tech-centric bubbles of Silicon Valley and New York City. But for many people, these services remain odd - and potentially creepy - tools on ...

dateAug 25, 2010 in Internet
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Nanomagnets purify blood

Swiss scientists have succeeded in clearing a toxin from blood in just a few minutes, using specially produced nanomagnets. The procedure appears promising. If the method can be put into practice, it could ...

dateAug 25, 2010 in Bio & Medicine
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