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How Stuff Works: Social networking

For the last two years, the amount of buzz and discussion around sites like Facebook and Twitter has been deafening. And lately the headlines have been especially interesting.

dateAug 25, 2009 in Internet
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Half of health workers reject swine flu shot

(AP) -- About half of Hong Kong's health workers would refuse the swine flu vaccine, new research says, a trend that experts say would likely apply worldwide. In a study that polled 2,255 Hong Kong health workers this year, ...

dateAug 25, 2009 in Health
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Animal sacrifice in Brazilian folk religion

Candomblé, a religion practiced primarily in South America and inspired by older African beliefs, makes much use of animal sacrifice. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access Journal of Ethnobiology and ...

dateAug 25, 2009 in Other
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Death rate spikes among migrating whooping cranes

(AP) -- The world's only naturally migrating whooping cranes, and the species' best chance for survival, died at about twice their normal rate last year and will likely see an overall drop in their numbers, a worrying sign ...

dateAug 25, 2009 in Ecology
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Nokia introduces 5230 touch phone

The latest addition in the Nokia touch phone portfolio, the Nokia 5230, is designed for those who lead an active life and use their mobile phone as their primary instrument for music, photos and videos, as well as sharing ...

dateAug 25, 2009 in Consumer & Gadgets
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