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Microsoft says Vista buyers to get free Windows 7

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Thursday that prices for the Windows 7 computer operating system are largely in line with those for Vista, and that people who buy PCs before the new system goes on sale in October ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Software
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Getting the most out of gemstones

Emeralds, rubies and the like are referred to as colored gemstones by experts. They sparkle and shine with varying intensity, depending on the cut. A new machine can achieve the best possible cut and extract ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Engineering
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Poison control at risk in California, other states

(AP) -- Each day, skeleton crews of doctors, nurses and pharmacists field almost 900 calls a day around California from people such as a mother whose child swallowed flea repellant and an elderly man who ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Health
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US calls on China to revoke Web filter order

(AP) -- Washington is calling on Beijing to revoke an order to personal computer makers to supply Internet-filtering software with every PC, adding to an array of disputes between the major trading partners.

dateJun 25, 2009 in Internet
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Neurological differences support dyslexia subtypes

Parts of the right hemisphere of the brains of people with dyslexia have been shown to differ from those of normal readers. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Neuroscience used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Neuroscience
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Turmoil fuels 'hacktivist' attacks on Web sites

(AP) -- For about 90 minutes Wednesday, visitors to the Oregon University System's Web site found themselves taken for a ride they didn't ask for. They were redirected to another site under the control of ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Internet
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New piece found in colorectal cancer puzzle

Prostasin, a relatively unknown protease enzyme expressed in most epithelial cells, may play a role in the genesis of colorectal cancer. Researchers writing in the open access journal BMC Cancer have associated a reduction in the ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Cancer
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China accuses Google of spreading pornography

(AP) -- China accused Google Inc. on Thursday of spreading pornography after Chinese users were unable to connect to the search giant's Web site, while Washington called on Beijing to scrap its order for ...

dateJun 25, 2009 in Internet
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