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Folding silicone: building on the microscale

“With classical tools, it is hard to manipulate something so tiny as on the microscale or the nanoscale,” Charlotte Py tells “But here we show how you can use a small drop of water as a m ...

Apr 25, 2007 feature
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Canada's new government to ban inefficient light bulbs

The Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources, joined by the Honourable John Baird, Minister of the Environment, announced today that Canada’s New Government is taking another important step to protect the environment ...

Apr 25, 2007
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Asymmetry due to perfect balance

Cell membranes are like two-dimensional fluids whose molecules are distributed evenly through lateral diffusion. But many important cellular processes depend on cortical polarity, the locally elevated concentration ...

Apr 25, 2007
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Answers Sought for U.S. Broadband Decline

A U.S. innovation brain drain, coupled with sloppy government handling of subsidy programs and data collection, have contributed to a decline in the country's broadband standing, technology experts told the Senate Commerce ...

Apr 25, 2007
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Update: HP Overhauls Printer Cartridge System

Hewlett-Packard said on Tuesday it will be gradually changing the way the company delivers its inkjet cartridges by instituting three new color-coded categories and a lowered, two-tiered pricing scheme for its inkjet printer ...

Apr 25, 2007
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Hitachi Files Plasma TV Patent Suit Versus LG

On Monday, a Hitachi subsidary filed a patent infringement suit against LG Electronics and one of its subsidiaries for the improper use of Hitachi's plasma display panel technologies.

Apr 25, 2007
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