Archive: 11/24/2008

Old flies can become young moms

Female flies can turn back the biological clock and extend their lifespan at the same time, University of Southern California biologists report.

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Expert says layoffs could worsen economic woes

Widespread layoffs that stem corporate financial losses but leave workers out in the cold would deepen the looming recession that sparked them, a University of Illinois labor expert warns.

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Health care reform: No revolution in sight

A new study involving health care systems in 21 countries -- and the prospects for change in response to such common pressures as rising costs and aging populations -- casts doubt on the possibility of major overhauls of ...

dateNov 24, 2008 in Health
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Research consortium to sequence turkey genome

An international consortium of researchers has begun an effort to sequence the genome of the domesticated turkey, Meleagris gallopavo. The genome sequence will be obtained using the Roche GS-FLX™ sequencing ...

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