Archive: 10/24/2008

The slow-spin zone at the core of the sun

( -- The dense, hot, radioactive core of the Sun rotates significantly more slowly than the layer next to it, the radiative zone, a Stanford solar physicist has concluded.

Oct 24, 2008
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Oceans may provide clues to future rainfall

( -- Changes in the salinity of our oceans are being brought about by man's influence on our climate, suggests new research conducted by the Met Office Hadley Centre and the Walker Institute for Climate System ...

Oct 24, 2008
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Climate Change Seeps into the Sea

( -- Good news has turned out to be bad. The ocean has helped slow global warming by absorbing much of the excess heat and heat-trapping carbon dioxide that has been going into the atmosphere since ...

Oct 24, 2008
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Enabling the blind to find their way

( -- “Eyes on the future” is the mantra of the ‘World Sight Day’ held this month to raise awareness of blindness and vision impairment. New technologies, developed by European researchers offering the ...

Oct 24, 2008
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Toxic bile damages the liver

Researchers at the Heidelberg University Hospital have discovered a new genetic disease that can lead to severe liver damage. Because a protective component of the bile is missing, the liver cells are exposed to the toxic ...

Oct 24, 2008
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