Archive: 09/24/2007

Bacteria join ranks of lazy cheaters

Baseball had its steroids and Black Sox. Politics lived through Watergate. Wall Street has been riddled with insider trading scandals. And before we cast the first stone, who among us has never tried to get through an intersection ...

Sep 24, 2007
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What gives us sunburn protects crayfish against bacteria

The production of melanin gives us sunburns, but it also helps invertebrate animals to encapsulate attacking fungi and parasites. Uppsala University researchers, in collaboration with Korean and Thai colleagues, can now ...

Sep 24, 2007
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'Healthy' restaurants help make us fat, says a newl study

If you're like most, you eat worst at healthy restaurants. The "health halos" of healthy restaurants often prompt consumers to treat themselves to higher-calorie side dishes, drinks or desserts than when they eat at fast-food ...

Sep 24, 2007
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Spaceflight shown to alter ability of bacteria to cause disease

Space flight has been shown to have a profound impact on human physiology as the body adapts to zero gravity environments. Now, a new study led by researchers from the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University has shown ...

Sep 24, 2007
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New paper examines dams' effects on California salmon

Spring-run Chinook salmon and other fish in the rivers of California’s Central Valley could be harmed by more water-storage dams, according to researchers at Duke University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Sep 24, 2007
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Rare albino ratfish has eerie, silvery sheen

A ghostly, mutant ratfish caught off Whidbey Island in Washington state is the only completely albino fish ever seen by both the curator of the University of Washington's 7.2 million-specimen fish collection ...

Sep 24, 2007
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