Archive: 07/24/2007

Hacking the Wii remote for physics class

You might be surprised to know that your Nintendo Wii remote control has a small accelerometer that, until recently, research physicists paid good money to purchase. But the increasing widespread use of acc ...

Jul 24, 2007 feature
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Chandra catches 'piranha' black holes

Supermassive black holes have been discovered to grow more rapidly in young galaxy clusters, according to new results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. These "fast-track" supermassive black holes can ...

Jul 24, 2007
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Camera-shy deer caught for first time

A little-known species of deer called a large-antlered muntjac has been photographed for the first time in the wild, according to a survey team from the Nam Theun 2 Watershed Management and Protection Authority (WMPA) and ...

Jul 24, 2007
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Team sets solar cell record

Using a novel technology that adds multiple innovations to a very high-performance crystalline silicon solar cell platform, a consortium led by the University of Delaware has achieved a record-breaking combined solar cell ...

Jul 24, 2007
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Toxic milk

In the August 1 issue of G&D, Dr. Ronald Evans (Salk Institute) and colleagues report on their discovery that mutations in the mouse gene encoding PPARã adversely affect lactation milk quality, and have serious health consequences ...

Jul 24, 2007
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Researchers produce firsts with bursts of light

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have generated extremely short pulses of light that are the strongest of their type ever produced and could prove invaluable in probing the ultra-fast ...

Jul 24, 2007
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