Archive: 06/24/2010

Addiction: a loss of plasticity of the brain?

Why is it that only some drug users become addicts? This is the question that has been addressed by the teams of Pier Vincenzo Piazza and Olivier Manzoni, in Bordeaux (Inserm unit 862). These researchers have just discovered ...

Jun 24, 2010
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Sight recovery in mice

Swiss researchers from the Friedrich Miescher Institute, in collaboration with Inserm researchers from CNRS and UPMC in the Institut de la Vision, have restored sight to mice afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa. The results ...

Jun 24, 2010
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Profiling prostate cancer

A large scale genetic analysis of multiple prostate cancer samples, published online by Cell Press on June 24th in the journal Cancer Cell, is providing exciting new insight into the disease and may lead to more effective treatm ...

Jun 24, 2010
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