Archive: 06/24/2009

Cultural games change attitudes

Persuasive technologies such as educational video games are more effective at changing people's attitudes or behaviours when they are adapted to a specific cultural audience.

dateJun 24, 2009 in Social Sciences
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Study pinpoints novel cancer gene and biomarker

( -- Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists' discovery of a cancer-causing gene - the first in its family to be linked to cancer - demonstrates how the panoramic view of genomics and the close-up ...

dateJun 24, 2009 in Cancer
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LinkedIn connects with ex-Yahoo exec as new CEO

(AP) -- After six months of grooming, LinkedIn Corp. founder Reid Hoffman has decided former Yahoo Inc. executive Jeff Weiner is ready to take over his job running the Internet's largest site devoted to professional networking.

dateJun 24, 2009 in Internet
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