Archive: 03/24/2010

Fattest state's lawmakers shed pounds, fried stuff

(AP) -- In a gym at a tiny college in the capital of the most obese state in the nation, state Rep. John Hines dropped his chest to the floor, let out an "Aaaarrrrgggh!" and forced through a few final pushups.

dateMar 24, 2010 in Health
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Seabed biodiversity in oxygen minimum zones

Some regions of the deep ocean floor support abundant populations of organisms, despite being overlain by water that contains very little oxygen, according to an international study led by scientists at the ...

dateMar 24, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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Pressure sensors on alert

Vacuum panels are particularly good for insulating buildings -- as long as the vacuum does not leak. A tiny pressure sensor constantly checks the condition of the vacuum and indicates whether the insulation ...

dateMar 24, 2010 in Engineering
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