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Scientists Discover T-Rex Dinosaur's Soft Tissue

Conventional wisdom among paleontologists states that when dinosaurs died and became fossilized, soft tissues didn’t preserve – the bones were essentially transformed into “rocks” through a gradual replacement of ...

Mar 24, 2005
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Cell Phone with Built-in Projector

Siemens researchers have developed a cell phone featuring a built-in projector system. A laboratory model was presented at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover. The system makes it possible to project a complete keypad or ...

Mar 24, 2005
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How Long Should Digital Storage Media Last?

Knowing that CDs and DVDs will last for a certain number of years is critical to many government agencies, as well as to hospitals, banks and other organizations that store massive amounts of vital data on optical disks. ...

Mar 24, 2005
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Trustworthy not lustworthy

Students who were shown pictures of people who looked like themselves found the images trustworthy, but they were not sexually attracted to the "lookalikes". Psychologists showed students pairs of face photos, ...

Mar 24, 2005
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Smart clothes can improve occupational safety

”Smart clothes” are clothes that employ new technologies: technological developments have made it possible to integrate electronic components into conventional garments. In demanding conditions, such as working in heavy ...

Mar 24, 2005
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"Back to the future": countdown to Shuttle return to flight

Launch pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida will soon see the Shuttle blasting off again for a new exciting mission in space. According to NASA’s current schedule, this will be between 15 May and 3 June (the precise ...

Mar 24, 2005
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