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Finding the 'fingerprints' of prostate cancer

( -- Dr. Dan Mercola has identified genetic biomarkers -- or 'fingerprints' -- of prostate cancer that yield specific information about tumors, permitting earlier detection and more effective treatment.

dateNov 23, 2010 in Cancer
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Vatican: Everyone can use condoms to prevent HIV

(AP) -- Using a condom is a lesser evil than transmitting HIV to a sexual partner - even if that means a woman averts a possible pregnancy, the Vatican said Tuesday, signaling a seismic shift in papal teaching ...

dateNov 23, 2010 in HIV & AIDS
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Pilot transplant project aims to spur kidney swaps

(AP) -- Too often, would-be kidney donors are wasted because the friend or loved one they want to help isn't a match. Now a new national database promises to help find matches for those frustrated pairs so ...

dateNov 23, 2010 in Other
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Daily dose of HIV drug reduces risk of HIV infection

A daily dose of an oral antiretroviral drug, currently approved to treat HIV infection, reduced the risk of acquiring HIV infection by 43.8 percent among men who have sex with men. The findings, a major advance in HIV prevention ...

dateNov 23, 2010 in HIV & AIDS
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