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Not knowing when to fold 'em

( -- Parolees with a gambling habit may resort to criminal activities and substance abuse when they are released from prison if there are few community supports to help them re-integrate, a new ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Social Sciences
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Dell wins EU OK to get euro54.5 million Polish aid

(AP) -- Dell Inc. won EU approval Wednesday to receive a euro54.4 million ($80.4 million) subsidy from the Polish government to build a new plant there, replacing Ireland as the computer maker's new European manufacturing ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Business
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'Acquisitions are back on': Google CEO

US Internet giant Google is ready to begin buying up other companies again as the world economy begins to recover, chairman and chief executive Eric Schmidt said Wednesday.

dateSep 23, 2009 in Business
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Expert: Lift taboo on Earth engineering

( -- The effects of climate change are so uncertain and potentially long-lasting that policymakers should begin examining options that include geoengineering, an area that has so far been off-limits, ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Environment
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Digital revolution is happening outside the classroom

( -- The way we learn is changing, but schools are having trouble keeping up. While technology dominates daily life and work, it still plays a limited role in public schools filled with students who are increasingly ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Other
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