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Expert: Lift taboo on Earth engineering

( -- The effects of climate change are so uncertain and potentially long-lasting that policymakers should begin examining options that include geoengineering, an area that has so far been off-limits, according ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Environment
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Digital revolution is happening outside the classroom

( -- The way we learn is changing, but schools are having trouble keeping up. While technology dominates daily life and work, it still plays a limited role in public schools filled with students who are increasingly ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Other
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Kepler Mission Update

( -- Kepler is approximately 18 million kilometers (11 million miles) from Earth, and continuing its drift-away orbit. All systems are operating normally. Last week, the Kepler project team completed another ...

dateSep 23, 2009 in Space Exploration
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