Archive: 09/23/2005

Voyager 1: Messages from the Edge

NASA's Voyager 1 has passed into the border region at the edge of the solar system and now is sending back information about this never-before-explored area, say scientists at the University of Maryland.

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Displaced students to contine work online

When Desiree Cook's family realized Hurricane Katrina was headed right for their home, they packed up their belongings and took a 14-hour drive west to Houston. Though the storm wrecked the University of New Orleans senior's ...

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NIST atomic fountain clock gets much better with time

The world's best clock, NIST-F1, has been improved over the past few years and now measures time and frequency more than twice as accurately as it did in 1999 when first used as a national standard, physicists ...

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Nanowires detect molecular signs of cancer

Harvard University researchers have found that molecular markers indicating the presence of cancer in the body are readily detected in blood scanned by special arrays of silicon nanowires -- even when these cancer markers constitute only one hundred-billionth ...

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The Living Worlds Hypothesis

Saturn's moon Titan is enveloped in a thick orange haze, and the organic particles that make up that smog have been raining out of the atmosphere and down onto the surface for millennia. This rich chemical brew ...

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