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Study: Immigration can lower prices of consumer products

An important new study examines how immigration influences the prices of consumer goods. The study, forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy, challenges the predictions of the perfectly competitive model – that a ...

Aug 23, 2007
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Mouse vision has a rhythm all its own

In the eyes of mammals, visual information is processed on a daily schedule set within the eyes themselves—not one dictated by the brain, according to a new report in the August 24 issue of the journal Cell, a publication of Cel ...

Aug 23, 2007
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Ground-breaking antilandmine radar

Researchers in The Netherlands are developing a radar system that might one day see through solid earth and could be used to clear conflict zones of landmines, safely and at low cost. Writing in Inderscience's Journal of ...

Aug 23, 2007
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Separating the brain's 'bad' from 'good' iron

Duke University chemists are developing ways to bind up iron in the brain to combat the neurological devastation of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The key is to weed out potentially destructive forms of iron that generate ...

Aug 23, 2007
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Better life support for artificial liver cells

Researchers at Ohio State University are developing technology for keeping liver cells alive and functioning normally inside bioartificial liver-assist devices (BLADs).

Aug 23, 2007
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