Archive: 08/23/2005

Ringtones -- and their theft -- on the rise

The mobile-content industry has become a new distribution source for entertainment companies and celebrities who license their music and faces for ringtones and games, fueling a trend that U.S. consumers can't get enough ...

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Micron Demonstrates Industry's First 4 Gigabyte FBDIMM

Micron Technology, Inc extended its leadership in fully buffered dual in-line memory module (FBDIMM) solutions as the first supplier to demonstrate 4 gigabyte (GB) density FBDIMMs. These FBDIMMs, using 1 gigabit (Gb) DDR2-533 ...

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Deep Impact Mission Update

Ever since Deep Impact's spectacularly successful collision with comet Tempel 1, Principal Investigator Michael A'Hearn and mission colleagues at the University of Maryland and seven other institutions have been working at ...

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AMD Challenges Intel To A Dual-Core Duel

In the spirit of fair and open competition, AMD issued a challenge to Intel to conduct a head-to-head competition of dual-core x86 server processors. AMD’s proposed dual-core duel in 2005 would be a live, ...

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Bacteria are key to 'green' plastics, drugs

Trials have begun in Kansas on a "green" production method for succinate, a key ingredient of many plastics, drugs, solvents and food additives. Developed at Rice University, the technology uses a genetically modified form ...

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Tracking the Riddle of Cosmic Gamma Rays

First simultaneous observation of a gamma-ray burst in the X-ray and in the very high energy gamma ray band. For the first time a gamma-ray burst (GRB) has been observed simultaneously in the X-ray and in the ...

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Laundry goes cyber

A new Internet tool called LaundryView lets students monitor campus laundry equipment and receive e-mail notifications for availability and cycle completion.

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