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Is Indy chasing a fake?

As Indiana Jones races against time to find an ancient crystal skull in his new movie adventure, he should perhaps take a moment to check its authenticity.

dateMay 23, 2008 in Other
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Male painters exposed to fertility damaging chemicals

Men working as painters and decorators who are exposed to glycol ethers are more likely to have poor semen quality, according to research carried out by scientists from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester.

dateMay 23, 2008 in Health
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Meet MIT professor of physics Maria Zuber. She's dynamic, intelligent, intense, and she's on a quest for the Grail. No, not that Grail.

dateMay 23, 2008 in Space Exploration
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The cost of repealing blue laws

Repealing America's blue laws not only decreased church attendance, donations and spending, but it also led to a rise in alcohol and drug use among people who had been religious, according to a new study by economists Jonathan ...

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Raising a stop sign to human traffic

Trade in people is not a new phenomenon, but the modern manifestation of slavery, according to US researchers. However, writing in the Journal of Global Business Advancement, they point out that human trafficking and trade ...

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Scientists announce top 10 new species, issue SOS

The International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University and an international committee of taxonomists โ€“ scientists responsible for species exploration and classification โ€“ today ...

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Managing computer fraud

Shalini Kesar, a computer scientist at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, has devised an antifraud strategy for business. Writing in the International Journal of Business Information Systems from Inderscience Publis ...

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