Archive: 03/23/2009

Marine moves fingers after rare hand transplant

(AP) -- Surgeons have transplanted a hand onto a Marine who was hurt in a training accident, and he has some movement in his fingers, according to the hospital where the operation occurred.

dateMar 23, 2009 in Other
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Redefining DNA: Darwin from the atom up

In a dramatic rewrite of the recipe for life, scientists from Florida today described the design of a new type of DNA with 12 chemical letters instead of the usual four. Presented here at the 237th National Meeting of the ...

dateMar 23, 2009 in Biochemistry
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Stroke survivors improve balance with tai chi

Stroke can impair balance, heightening the risk of a debilitating fall. But a University of Illinois at Chicago researcher has found that stroke survivors can improve their balance by practicing the Chinese martial art of ...

dateMar 23, 2009 in Neuroscience
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