Archive: 03/23/2007

Sex in the 1700s

Prostitutes, perversions and public scandals – the stuff of the 21st century tabloids was familiar to readers three centuries earlier, according to new research from the University of Leeds.

Mar 23, 2007
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'Ancestral eve' was mother of all tooth decay

A New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) research team has found the first oral bacterial evidence supporting the dispersal of modern Homo sapiens out of Africa to Asia.

Mar 23, 2007
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Microsoft Plays to All Developers

Microsoft's developer division wants you. Long known for its aggressive courting of professional developers, the software company is now viewing all its systems as development platforms and is trying to empower developers ...

Mar 23, 2007
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Apricorn Announces External Hard Drive for DVRs

Storage provider Apricorn, a company that supplies backup and upgrade products for notebook and desktop applications, announced the release of its new DVR Xpander hard drive on Wednesday, a device the company says will instantly ...

Mar 23, 2007
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Net Neutrality Debate Goes Wireless

At the Voice Over Network (VON) show this week in San Jose, the net neutrality debate shifted to the wireless spectrum. How much control should wireless carriers have over their "unwired mile" of the Internet?

Mar 23, 2007
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New brake light system could mean fewer collisions

A dynamic brake light system that enables rear lights on a leading vehicle to contract or expand during hard braking could help lessen how often rear-end automobile collisions occur, says new research from the University ...

Mar 23, 2007
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Rabbits hold key to HIV-like virus

The remains of an ancient HIV-like virus have been found in rabbits. Scientists at Oxford University discovered the unique lentivirus, part of a family of viruses closely related to HIV, ‘fossilised’ inside the genome ...

Mar 23, 2007
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