Archive: 03/23/2006

New research reveals oxygen's contributions to evolution

It's common knowledge that humans and other animals couldn't survive without oxygen. But scientists are now learning a good deal more about the extent of our evolutionary debt to a substance that was once a ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Ancient asexuals: the boys are back in town

The record-holders for the longest abstinence from sex may be about to lose their status, following a discovery on a Japanese island. Every specimen of darwinulid ostracod (a shrimp-like freshwater animal with ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Chandra finds evidence for quasar ignition

New data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory may provide clues to how quasars "turn on." Since the discovery of quasars over 40 years ago, astronomers have been trying to understand the conditions surrounding ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Old ice provides insights into major climate change

All cold periods throughout the past 740,000 years were associated with a significantly larger sea ice cover around the Antarctic than warm periods. At the same time, South America’s south was significantly ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Study: Glum assessment of Amazonian forest

Scientists at Brazil's Federal University of Minas Gerais say wildlife reserves will not be enough to prevent deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.

Mar 23, 2006
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Study: U.S. firms ignoring global warming

An environmental report from the Ceres organization indicates European and Asian firms are more attentive to global warming than American businesses.

Mar 23, 2006
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China Telecom upbeat despite 3G worries

As wealthier Chinese in big cities snap up multi-functioning mobile phones and those living in remoter areas buy their first basic handsets, the country's biggest phone carrier would seemingly be on a roll. Yet even as China ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Scientists advance photonic technology

Scientists at Denmark's Aalborg University have created a family of devices for guiding and processing light in chip-based information technology.

Mar 23, 2006
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PGP founder unveils new VoIP security

Somewhere out there, someone is a little too curious about your data. This is the main concern of Phil Zimmermann, the creator of the industry standard PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) e-mail encryption protocol who has just debuted ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Novel process reduces toxic chemical use

A chemical engineer at The University of Auckland has used environmentally-friendly vegetable oils to replace toxic chemical solvents like kerosene in the extraction of a range of biomolecules, such as antibiotics and organic ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Towards a new test of general relativity?

Scientists funded by the European Space Agency have measured the gravitational equivalent of a magnetic field for the first time in a laboratory. Under certain special conditions the effect is much larger than ...

Mar 23, 2006
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Pay your cell-phone bill by watching ads

Hate cell-phone bills? Israeli customers of mobile operator Orange who have 3G phones will soon be able to kiss their bills goodbye -- if they're willing to watch a few commercials instead.

Mar 23, 2006
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