Archive: 12/22/2008

Economist: 'Blending wall' stands in way of ethanol growth

( -- Ethanol production opened the door to the renewable fuels industry. The industry now must get past an imposing wall of federal regulations and market conditions if it hopes to grow, said a Purdue University ...

Dec 22, 2008
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This Year, Resolve Not to Kill Yourself With Poor Decisions

( -- With the new year approaching, millions of people are expected to ring in 2009 by making resolutions to improve their lives. A Duke University researcher says the consequences of some personal decisions provide ...

Dec 22, 2008
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Protea plants help unlock secrets of species 'hotspots'

( -- New species of flowering plants called proteas are exploding onto the scene three times faster in parts of Australia and South Africa than anywhere else in the world, creating exceptional ...

Dec 22, 2008
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Small molecule triggers bacterial community

While bacterial cells tend to be rather solitary individuals, they are also known to form intricately structured communities called biofilms. But until now, no one has known the mechanisms that cause isolated bacteria to ...

Dec 22, 2008
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