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Adult liver transplant eligibility criteria

The pain is debilitating. The only option: smoking medical marijuana. That's the reality for many hepatitis C patients whose road to health includes a liver transplant. Although Canadian transplant centres are more willing ...

dateOct 22, 2008 in Other
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The Medical Minute: There's no trick to a safe Halloween

Halloween is supposed to be a spooky night, but parents don’t have to be scared about their kids’ safety if they follow some simple safety tips from Safe Kids Dauphin County, led by Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, ...

dateOct 22, 2008 in Health
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Mapping a clan of mobile selfish genes

Much of human DNA is the genetic equivalent of e-mail spam: short repeated sequences that have no obvious function other than making more of themselves.

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Using your car key as a credit card?

( -- BMW Group Research and Technology and NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, have unveiled a prototype of the world’s first multifunctional car key. The prototype ...

dateOct 22, 2008 in Hi Tech & Innovation
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