Archive: 08/22/2007

Nanotweezers Unlock Anticancer Drug Secrets

The annoying bulges of an overwound telephone cord that shorten its reach and limit a caller’s motion help explain why drugs called camptothecins are so effective in killing cancer cells, according to investigators led ...

Aug 22, 2007
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D-Cinema -- coming soon to this movie theater

Digital films of outstanding picture quality are set to attract movie fans back to the cinema. At the International Broadcast Convention IBC in Amsterdam on September 7-11, Fraunhofer research scientists are presenting important ...

Aug 22, 2007
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Uni leads study on echidna sex life

A University of Adelaide-led project will study the genetic makeup of one of Australia's most iconic animals, the echidna, to give an unprecedented insight into their sex life and behaviour.

Aug 22, 2007
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Where did English summer go?

What is a proper English summer? Should we really expect unfettered sunshine and months spent in the garden with our barbecues? Is it time to admit our climate is variable and the weather is hard to predict?

Aug 22, 2007
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