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Networking: Cheap health-records software

The federal government and commercial-software developers are offering doctors and medical clinics low-cost -- and sometimes free -- electronic medical-records software, hoping to spur the expansion of networked physicians' ...

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Chickens orient using a magnetic compass

It has been known for some time that many species of birds use the Earth's magnetic field to select a direction of movement--for example, during migration. However, although such birds clearly have a sense ...

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Research reveals how cells process large genes

Important messages require accurate transmission. Big genes are especially challenging because they combine many coding segments (exons) that lie between long stretches of non-coding elements (introns). During processing, ...

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Google launches new application service

Google launched Monday a comprehensive Internet application service. The Internet search engine is now offering Google Desktop 2, which is available for free as a download and allows users to find information and store the ...

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Bat-bot boosts sonar research

A robotic bat head that can emit and detect ultrasound in the band of frequencies used by the world's bats will give echolocation research a huge boost. The Bat-Bot, developed by IST project CIRCE, can also wriggle its ears, ...

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