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New Experiments Will Shed Light On Matter And Antimatter

If the laws of physics were precisely the same for matter and antimatter, you wouldn't be reading this. All matter, as we know it, would have been converted into light after the Big Bang. To explore the fundamental differences ...

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Working Towards The Novel 'Silent' Aircraft Engine

"When I started at Rolls-Royce last September, I didn’t think I would have the chance to work on a new engine concept." Angel Gallo, graduate trainee, Rolls-Royce. Researchers from Cambridge University and graduate tr ...

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Wearable Computers Become More Powerful

The Industry Leading Wearable ViA IICT(TM) Computer is More Powerful With a Faster CPU and More Memory for Processor Intensive Computing, and With New Package Options to Increase the Breadth and Versatility of Mobile Compu ...

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