Archive: 05/22/2009

Tasmanian devils listed as endangered in Australia

(AP) -- The Tasmanian devil, a snarling fox-sized marsupial made notorious by its Looney Tunes cartoon namesake Taz, was listed in Australia as an endangered species Friday because of a contagious cancer ...

dateMay 22, 2009 in Ecology
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China: rich nations must cut emissions by 40 pct

(AP) -- Wealthy nations, as history's biggest polluters, should cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, China says in a policy document on climate change. The government also rolled out fresh ...

dateMay 22, 2009 in Environment
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Indonesian imams OK Facebook - but no flirting!

(AP) -- Muslim clerics debating the exploding popularity of Facebook in Indonesia said Friday that followers could use the networking site to connect with friends or for work - but not to gossip or flirt.

dateMay 22, 2009 in Internet
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