Archive: 12/21/2009

Why don't robins get fat?

( -- New research by the School of Biosciences is shedding light on the reasons why the European robin doesn’t get fat -even though they are feeding for much longer.

dateDec 21, 2009 in Ecology
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Disability may be on the rise again after 20-year decline

( -- Disability rates among non-institutionalized older Americans increased between 2000 and 2005, a trend that could seriously impact the quality of life of seniors in the coming decades if it continues, according ...

dateDec 21, 2009 in Health
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The past matters to plants

( -- It's commonly known that plants interact with each other on an everyday basis: they shade each other out or take up nutrients from the soil before neighboring plants can get them. Now, researchers ...

dateDec 21, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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Banks and bailouts: Playing politics?

( -- Banks with strong political connections were more likely to receive bailout money from the government—and more of it—in the past year than those with weaker ties, say University of Michigan researchers.

dateDec 21, 2009 in Economics & Business
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