Archive: 10/21/2009

High tech for bicycles

Carbon fiber composite materials (CFRPs) not only make cars and airplanes lightweight but also benefit the light weight constructions for valuable bicycle concepts. At the Composites Europe trade show in Stuttgart, ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Engineering
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Jumping the queue for official documents

( -- Software developed by European researchers allows citizens and local governments to exchange official documents over mobile phones. The software could help usher in the era of mobile government services and ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Software
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Watching me, watching you

( -- Software that tracks shoppers' eye movements as they browse supermarket shelves may seem a bit Big Brother, but the latest technology in 'eye-tracking', which monitors what grabs a person's ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Engineering
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Pushing through brain barriers

Understanding the inner workings of the brain remains one of the last frontiers in all of neurobiology. A Case Western Reserve University engineering professor is developing a miniaturized low-power device to detect how electrical ...

dateOct 21, 2009 in Neuroscience
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